dream: the nightlife

I don't know what this building is called, all I know is that it's in Greenville, South Carolina. It looks splendidly merry and in some way alive and I would love to go there and eat French desserts because it looks like the kind of place where you would do that.

I can imagine people laughing and mingling about, fabulous dancing, and a lounge with thick velvety sofas that you practically sink into. And outside...outside it is desperately warm, and you can barely see the stars twinkling because the moon is beautiful in all its fullness. Perhaps this is not what you picture when you look at this photograph, but that is the beauty of our dreams.

Credit: White Box Weddings


something else: french floral design

After reading about French-style floral design on L'art du Bouquet, I am completely enamoured with the French design and I am so inspired! I love the texture and greenery in these designs. They are all incredibly romantic...oh. my. goodness.

Credit: L'Art du Bouquet

Real Wedding: Katie + Justin

I love today's real wedding because it has some very special details, Katie had beautiful wedding day accessories, she wore her mother's vintage jewelry and a hairpiece from LoBoheme. The ringboys are absolutely adorable, and I'm kind of keeping myself from swooning over her stunning wedding band.

What was your vision for your wedding?
The vision was pretty clear. We wanted something super romantic, with a touch of vintage elements, but not overwhelmingly formal. We wanted a garden wedding meets elegant affair, if that makes any sense. We didn't want anything extravagant, but at the same time, we wanted something that was beautiful and classic.

What is your favourite detail?
My favorite detail by far was my dress. I had a dream when I was about 15 years old of what my dress was going to look like. When I saw it in a magazine after recently getting engaged, I knew it was the one! I went to try it on and instantly fell in love.....I found my dream dress......literally! Just to be sure, I tried on several other dresses (to please my mom of course), but I knew all along that my heart was set!
What will you remember most about your wedding day?
The thing I will remember most about the big day is seeing Justin's (my husband) face and the overwhelming emotional feelings he was experiencing as I was walking down the aisle. I've always known this from him, but that single moment, I truly felt loved by him in a way I have never experienced before. That moment will forever be in my heart.

Venue: The Hyatt Hotel in Valencia
Photography: The beautiful and talented Alicia Cortez of The Modern Type
Florist: Agua Dulce Flower Finesse - Agua Dulce
Cake: Jill's Cake Creations - Valencia
Wedding Dress: Jim Hjelm
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Credit: The Modern Type


lovely: absolutely charming hair flowers

Oregon based designer Myra Callan creates some of the prettiest hair flower accessories I have seen, and if you haven't seen her pieces yet, I urge you to go visit her online shop this minute! I've put a couple photos below..I love how elegant and classy they are!

Credit: Twigs and Honey


Real Wedding: Jenny + Joel

Where do I begin...Andy Jackson is unbelievably talented at what he does. His films are works of art that convey the depth of love, the quiet moments, and everything that is truly meaningful, the matter that lasts beyond the surface of the day...

Andy wanted to share a brief message with you prior to watching the film...
"Both of these films are approximately 20 minutes in length, and I always try to ask people not to watch my films until they know they can watch all the way through, without interruption. The purpose of my work is to allow the viewer to "feel" the wedding day; to be sucked into the emotions of the day. My hope is that the viewer will experience love, not just as it relates to the wedding or event, but as it relates to every detail and every action that takes place between a couple, their friends, and their families. The wedding itself is just a symbol... without the foundation of love and sincerity that is portrayed, the symbol is meaningless."

Jenny and Joel got married at the lovely Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida.

Event Planner:Shannon Wilson, Table Six Productions
Photography:Cindy & Holly of Nashan Photographers
Cinematography:Andy Jackson of Portal Films
Decor/Florals:Rambunktious Productions
Invitations:Ceci New York
Venue:The Ritz Carlton, Naples

Credit: Portal Films


dream: wildflowers

I find myself drawn to find beauty in it's natural setting where it is unmarked, unaffected. I would love a garden of terribly wild and unruly flowers. I love that.

Wildflowers in Northern Michigan
Credit: Tec Petaja Photography


Real Wedding: Sabrina + Kevin

I found today's real wedding on the lovely La Partie Events blog, so much of our focus is on the gorgeous floral design and tablescapes. The overall feel of the wedding is so natural and laidback, a style which is right up my alley! There's some great talent shown in these pictures, take a peek!

Credit: La Partie Events, Erin Hearts Court

lovely: justin alexander

Love the pretty applique designs on the skirting.

Gorgeous ballgown silhouette to this gown

Pretty, striking grey color!

Very unique strap style.

Credit: Justin Alexander


Real Wedding: Thomas + Nikaela

Super cute sandals, a bicycle ride, and moustaches on a stick...it doesn't get much cuter than this!

Credit: Red Photo Co


sunday feature: silver textured rings

I've seen wooden wedding bands and hammered metal wedding bands, both kinds of which are beautiful, but these nature-inspired bands are particularly what I wanted to feature this week. These come in three different textures and are made with fine silver. The Silver Garden has generously offered Just Happily Ever After readers free shipping on their orders! How sweet is that? Simply put the keyword EVERAFTER in your message to seller, you have through Monday, August 24th, 2009 to take advantage of this offer.

Credit: Silver Garden


pretty little things: cake stands and all that they are

Cake stands are one of my favourite wedding details but I think it's one detail that is often overlooked in the fluster and rush of wedding planning. I'm a strong believer in the importance of presentation; a cake can be simply amazing but it's the cake stand that shows off it's beauty! I adore antique-inspired silver cake stands, white ceramic stands with ruffly edges, and these grand summery ones below!

Credit: Clara French, Amy Atlas Events

create: travel-inspired invitations

I admire anyone who does DIY (Do It Yourself) invitations and also does them extraordinarily well. It probably helps that the groom is a graphic designer! Nonetheless, pocketfold invitations are one of the biggest invitation trends in the wedding industry and also one of the more complicated types to create. I love that they didn't just make their invitations, but they went all out! They mounted the invites, included all the inserts, lined the envelopes, and used stickers and vintage stamps (an idea I've always loved). I give them a big hurrah!

Credit: i-do-it-yourself.com


pretty little things: paper and little fruits

Note the seersucker fabric and the gocco fruit tag sewn in, so cute and a great demonstration of the fabric invitation pockets that you see more and more in the blogosphere these days!

Credit: Ice Cream Social Shoppe

something old, something new

Something Old

Vintage Edwardian Ring
Something New

Art Print
Credit: The Black Apple, Dover Jewelry


pretty little things: wedding cake and blossoms

I have an undeniable penchant for pretty things, like typewriter fonts and milk glass vases and bright orange rock candy...they make me smile and sometimes jump up and down before I realize what I'm doing. When I saw these velvety white roses and sumptuous cake I had to keep myself from putting my nose right up to the screen in my attempt to be there somehow!

Credit: Boutwell Studio

Real Wedding: Andrea + Steve

Outdoor weddings are by far one of my favourites and it is so much better when people personalize their wedding by adding little details that are so like them. In today's real wedding, I very very much admire the white chairs and the pretty chandeliers in the last photo. Andrea and Steve's wedding took place at Delille Winery and was catered by A Platinum Event, photos by Dani Weiss.

Credit: Dani Weiss


lovely: priscilla of boston -bridesmaid edition-

These designs are gorgeous and perfectly rewearable, I could see myself wearing these dresses at a cocktail party or fancy night on a cruise ship..they don't scream "BRIDESMAID!" which I love.

Credit: Priscilla of Boston, The Knot