create: pinwheels

I have a penchant for DIY projects, particularly ones that help couples personalize their special wedding day and make it even more beautiful and memorable. Today's wedding DIY project brings you lovely, whimsical pinwheels. These could potentially be used as table decoration or table cards, pinned to vintage suit jacket lapels, or added to the ribbon-wrapped stems of a delicate bouquet. I would love to see how many different, unique ways that these could be incorporated into a wedding. They would be so fun pinned to a white wall in various colors and sizes. Enjoy!

1) Pick text weight paper and coordinating buttons. Try using different types of buttons of varying sizes or shapes. You will need scissors or a paper cutter, and adhesive.
Cut out two long strips of paper of equal length and width. Thicker strips will give you a larger pinwheel.
2) Accordion fold the two strips of paper making sure that the width of the folds match. Narrower folds create tighter pinwheels, wider folds creat looser pinwheels. Line up one end of the accordion with the end of the second. Use adhesive squares to secure.
3)& 4) Pull the loose ends of the accordion strip around towards each other and adhere securely. The pinwheel will look like a paper circle before you push the pinwheel out and press it down with your finger.
5) Use a button to tightly secure it with as many glue dots as necessary. You may need to weight your pinwheel until the glue dries.

Credit: Posh Paperie, Jackie Wonders


engagement: { james + lynnette }

If you have ever seen the movie Up, you will know what I mean when I say that this engagement photo shoot has the same feelings of love and youthful excitement that are portrayed in Up. It is vintage, slightly eccentric, and absolutely inspiring in every way.

Credit: Wildflowers Photos


Real Wedding: Clara and Brandon

Today's real wedding encompasses a lovely vintage fairytale and pure, unrivaled romance. I just love it when couples feel free to be creative with their big day and incorporate many smaller parts that all work together towards the bigger picture. There are so many details about this wedding that make me swoon...here are just a few of my favourites. Be sure to note her cute updo, gorgeous wild garden bouquet, and the honeycomb-inspired cake!
Credit: Helmutwalker Blog


pretty little things: letterpress after my own heart

I speak from experience when I say that this letterpress (shown below) does not only look pretty but the high quality of the paper and the vivid nature of the colors used are admirably accurate! I was so excited to receive these in the mail. There is something particularly special about sending such beautiful cards, because truly each design is a work of art! I have to admit I have and will probably always have a weakness for quality letterpress. Le sigh.

Credit: Pistachio Press


Real Wedding: Viviane and Pedro

The beauty of this wedding is revealed in each of the uncomplicated details. I love the clean, natural colors and their wood signs. Those sunny yellow candlesticks especially caught my eye! Where can I get some of those?! Beautiful setting, beautiful wedding. Happy Monday!

Credit: Carola Duarte


Real Wedding: Erin + Greg

Today's wedding is all about effortless beauty and romance. I love the great, big trees, and the hanging cast iron chandeliers...the way the setting sun gives everything a beautiful, undemanding glow. I think you might fall head over heels with this wedding as much as I have!

Credit: One Love Photo


pretty little things: woodsy goodness

Love this creative, woodsy little invitation! It stems from such a diverse palette. I would love to see how these colors are integrated into the wedding, maybe with some deep red and yellow mums?
Credit: Rifle


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Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's to a lovely day to celebrate with those you love! Cheers.

Credit: Pepper Wedding


pretty little things: dainty clutches

I am finally back after an extended leave of absence during the holiday season. I hope that you all had a lovely December! Today I'd like to bring you a small sample of the beautiful handbags I discovered awhile back and have completely fallen for. They are bold, modern, and so chic. I think one of these would be such a perfect alternative to the typical bridal purse or a fabulous gift for your bridesmaids! Credit: Beegee Bags