something else: perfectly pleasing yellow and grey

Where brown has been the go-to foundational wedding color in the past few years, I feel that grey has become the new brown. To me, grey can be soft and it can be powerful. One of my current favourite color combinations right now is pairing grey with a cheery yellow. I adore this lemon-lime-grey inspiration board lovingly created by The Perfect Palette. Enjoy!

Credit: The Perfect Palette


create: whimsical drink stir sticks

You can easily create these with any pattern paper you like. It would be very fun to use black-and-white newspaper, blue swiss polka-dotted paper, or alternating between a luscious strawberry red and a bright yellow! Use your creativity and please let us know what you come up with!

Credit: Project Wedding: DIY: Personalized Wedding Drink Stirrers


lovely: jimmy choo and valentino

These designer shoes are so feminine and sophisticated, I love the pale blue stone on the Valentino sandal and the pretty lacy pump by Jimmy Choo. These would be perfect when you're out interviewing those vendors or at your all-important dress rehearsal!
Credit: Nordstrom, Jimmy Choo, Valentino


June 7th, 2009 Giveaway Results

Congratulations to Ashley (♥ ashley) for winning our Etsy giveaway sponsored by Beauty Mark Designs!! A big thank you to all those who participated! Please check back for more contests in the future!

Credit: Beauty Mark Designs


pretty little things: umbrellas for those rain-sprinkly days

Today I came across an amazing umbrella vendor that both sells and rents out their pieces. I found everything in umbrellas from beauteous, ruffly contraptions to dainty vintage designs. Take a look below at these gorgeous umbrellas! Also, don't forget to post on last Sunday's Etsy feature to enter our Etsy giveaway!

sigh. i want one. or two. and then I would go on a picnic in a pretty little meadow and sip strawberry lemonade from a straw. does this not sound marvelous?
Credit: Bella Umbrella


sunday feature: boho chic jewelry

Sparkling swarovski crystals, antique brass, and Czech glass beads make these vintage-inspired accessories notably unique. I recently bought one of these necklaces as a gift and just had to get one for myself too. I cannot tell you how many compliments I've gotten on it, and I love wearing something that isn't mass-produced at a factory somewhere overseas. I'm pleased to announce that Taryn (of Beauty Mark Designs) has so generously offered to sponsor Just Happily Ever After's first giveway! Details below.

Lovely bohemian lotus flower necklace.

These earrings are so versatile!

I adore this gorgeous aqua flower medallion; I have a dress that would match it perfectly.
Enter to win the pretty pair of petal earrings below! Simply stop by Beauty Mark Designs' Etsy shop and post a comment here before Saturday, June 13th at 12am Pacific time on what you adore about their merch! Click here to learn more on how to enter.

Credit: Beauty Mark Designs


pretty little things: garden lights and blooms

These are ordinary yet unordinary. Rustic vase alternatives add character to a wedding.

A pretty garden setting is all one needs--imagine this place filled with soft, glorious lighting as the sun sets. Ivory candles and natural paper lanterns would be so romantic!

Lights hanging at different heights make the simplicity of this table wonderfully inviting. Note how they are all different shapes and sizes!

Credit:Martha Stewart Weddings, Huntington Gardens


engagement: { nita + edo }

Today I'm pleased to share with you one of the cutest engagement sessions I've ever seen. Aren't Nita and Edo such a cute, well-dressed couple? The photographers at Lifebox Studio are based in Seattle and they truly captured who these two are together. I love the composition and expression in these photographs! If you want to see more of their work, jump over to www.lifeboxstudio.com.

Credit:Lifebox Studio