Real Wedding: Brittany + Brent

You might remember Jenny and Joel's wedding that we featured in late August. Everyone who I talked to about it had the utmost admiration for it, as did I. Well today I am excited to share with you another of Andy Jackson's beautiful films, and I know that you will fall in love with it as much as I have! Andy wanted to share a brief message with you prior to watching the film...
"Both of these films are approximately 20 minutes in length, and I always try to ask people not to watch my films until they know they can watch all the way through, without interruption. The purpose of my work is to allow the viewer to "feel" the wedding day; to be sucked into the emotions of the day. My hope is that the viewer will experience love, not just as it relates to the wedding or event, but as it relates to every detail and every action that takes place between a couple, their friends, and their families. The wedding itself is just a symbol... without the foundation of love and sincerity that is portrayed, the symbol is meaningless."
Brittany and Brent's wedding took place on the lovely Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

Event Planner: Shay Brown - www.shaybrownevents.com
Photography: Parker J Pfister - www.parkerjphoto.com
Cinematography: Andy Jackson of Portal Films - www.portalfilms.com
Florist: The Bloom Room - www.bloom-room.com
Venue: The Biltmore Estate - www.biltmore.com

Credit: Portal Films

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